4. Wars in the 1800s

War of 1812

DENNIS DOWLING. This Dowling fought alongside of his father, (James) Jabez Dowling throughout the War of 1812. Dennis Dowling's father, Jabez, was the son of William Dowling, the son of Robert Dowling II, by his first marriage.

Other descendants of William fought in this and other wars, one of whom (not shown on plaque) was John Wesley Dowling, who was captured, imprisoned and tortured to death in prison.

(JAMES) JABEZ DOWLING. Born 1771 (?). Jabez was about forty years old at the time of the War of 1812 but went himself and carried his young son Dennis into battle with him. Jabez' father was William Dowling, son of Robert Dowling by first marriage. Jabez, as a small child standing in his father's doorway, saw the British raiding party murder his defenseless father, William; the infamous British General Tarleton having ordered his Tory parties to take no prisoners from among the "zealot patriots listed" and William was one of those named. (Note: Many of the Dowlings in Northern Florida and South Georgia are descendants of (James) Jabez Dowling. (The "James" is doubtful; Jabez is given in most references.)

JOHN (JABEZ) DOWLING. Born 1782 near Darlington, S. C. Died 1869. Married former Susan Barns; children, James Theophilus (born 1816, died 1882), Rennie, William Madison, Hester Ann, Elbert L., July, Mary, Oliver Perry, Eliza Jane. Served throughout War of 1812. Son of Mary Boutwell Dowling and James Dowling. the latter being the son of Robert Dowling II by his marriage to Sarah Guinn Dowling.

ZACCHEUS DOWLING. Born 1792 near Darlington, S. C. Served throughout War of 1812. Son of Nancy Boutwell Dowling and John Dowling. His Grandfather was Robert Dowling II. Zaccheus (also spelled Zaclheus) (died 1885 and is buried within two miles of Greenville, Ala. He was prominent in Alabama affairs and was Presiding Elder in 'Methodist Church. Pastor of Charleston, S. C., M. E. Church 1819. Zaccheus left no children.

Mexican War 1848

WILLIAM CANE. Half-brother of Mary Ann Long, wife of James Theophilus Dowling. Led charge in final assault on fortifications at Vera Cruz while serving under General Winfield Scott. He was fighting side by side with another descendant of Robert Dowling II, according to family tradition which cannot be verified. His cry of victory, as the two crossed the walls, was "Hail Columbia, Happy Land, Mexico is ours or we're damned." The Cane and Long families are related to Dr. Crawford W. Long of Georgia, first to use anesthesia.

JOHN (JABEZ) DOWLING. See biographical sketch above. Also served in Mexican War.

(Note: Many other descendants of William, James and John - children of Robert Dowling by his first and second marriages also served in the War of 1812 and 1848 but records have not been sufficiently clarified for inclusion with these names. Among such descendants are many whose records are authenticated including William Hampton Dowling, grandfather of the husband of Mrs. Beulah B. Dowling, Family Genealogist, of Manatee Station, Bradenton, Florida.)

Civil War 1861

ELBERT L. DOWLING. Born 1822. Died 1880 Buried at Hopewell Church. Served in 5th South Carolina Confederate Cavalry as Sharpshooter and Scout. Son of John (Jabez) Dowling and Susan Barnes Dowling. His Grandfather was James Dowling, son of Robert Dowling II.

JOHN V. DOWLING. Born August 23, 1849, near Brunson, S. C. Died December 30, 1930. Attended school at Furman University. Married former Annie Williams; children, Annie Ellis (Heirs), (1) Jamesina Virginia (Weems), Charles Theophilus, (2) Broadus Estes, Walter Talmadge, Rosa Kirby and Mary Louise - all of whom deceased except (1) and (2). Buried at Hopewell Church - Profession: Educator, Probate Judge and City Inspector, Savannah. Ga. Volunteered at age of sixteen in last year of the War between the States as a scout under Captain Mulligan of Company B, 5th South Carolina Cavalry. Son of Mary Ann Dowling and James Theophilus Dowling. His Grandfather was John (Jabez) Dowling, whose antecedents were James Dowling and Robert Dowling II.

WILLIAM HAMILTON DOWLING. Born August 4, 1842, in old Beaufort District, S. C. Died September 9, 1924, buried at Hopewell Church. Married former Clara Louisa Ruth of old Beauford District; children William Hamilton, Jr. (deceased), Mary Susan (deceased), Annie Maud (Turner), Ada May (Cowart) (deceased). Melinda Ruth (deceased), Buist Duncan I. Clara Louisa (Crouch), Geddes Grafton I (deceased). Addie Rosa (West) (deceased) Joel Frampton I, Harry. Profession: Baptist Clergyman. Entered War between the States on November 6, 1861. attached to Company B, 5th South Carolina Cavalry, Butler's Brigade, Hampton's Legion. Fought many battles in Virginia and the Carolinas, serving as Chief Scout acting Captain and Chaplain (being ordained after the war). Was School Commissioner and Probate judge and for sixty years active in all forms of Church affairs in lower South Carolina. Son of James Theophilus Dowling and Mary Ann Dowling. His Grandfather was John (Jabez) Dowling, whose antecedents were James Dowling and Robert Dowling II.
[See more on W. H. Dowling here.]

(GENERAL NOTE: Among the other Dowlings engaged in the War between the States were: Dr. Elijah Henry Dowling, Assistant Surgeon for South Carolina Armies (son of Decanie Dowling); his brother, John Calhoun Dowling; William Wesley, son of Dennis Dowling (shown on plaque in War of 1812); William Wesley Dowling's son, William Henry Taylor Dowling and William Wesley's son, William Hampton Dowling and the latter's sons, Isaac and Berrien Dowling - all of whom are descended from Robert Dowling II.)

Spanish-American War 1898

MOYE CLIFTON DOWLING I. Born June 15, 1879, at Hampton, S. C. Attended school in Hampton. Married former Maude Wiggins; children, Moye Clifton II, Sue (Poole) and Richard (deceased). Business: Paper Products Distribution. Residence: St. Petersburg, Fla - President of the Dowling Family Association in 1946. Served in Cuba as Company Clerk, Company F, 2nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Spanish American War. Son of Mary Margaret Dowling and Decanie Dexter Dowling. His Grandfather was James Theophilus Dowling, whose antecedents were John (Jabez) Dowling, James Dowling and Robert Dowling II.

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