My McCord Family

MCCORD is the line of my father's mother, Mabel Maude McCord Wood.

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My Second Great Grandparents:
Samuel and Eleanor McCord

This couple is somewhat of a mystery. Census records indicate Samuel McCord and wife Eleanor were born in Pennsylvania around 1820 and likely married around 1840. Where in PA they came from or who their parents were is unknown. Complicating things, there were multiple "Samuel McCords" found in Pennsylvania in the early late 1700s and early 1800s and there was even another Samuel McCord (1817-1886) from Pennsylvania who lived and died in the same area of Iowa during the same time period.

Sam and Eleanor arrived in Johnson Co. Iowa circa 1845 with two young daughters Drusilla and Henrietta. Once in Iowa. We know Sam was a blacksmith and voted in the elections for establishment of Iowa City and to elected a mayor. He also was appointed as a postmaster.

During this time period Samuel was mentioned in an article in the Jan. 1849 edition of the Iowa Capitol Reporter in the LOC's Chronicling America newspaper collection that stated that he was paid $1.50 "for ironing Ketchum." I noted this but had no idea what was meant by "ironing" or what Ketchum was. Months later, I followed up on this and found an earlier article from Sept 1848 in the same paper. It was about about a man named Ketchum that had been arrested and jailed for stealing a horse. Soon after his arrest, Ketchum turned up missing from the courthouse jail. The article continued that "though ironed, he escaped . Seeing that he was "ironed", and knowing Samuel was a blacksmith, it suddenly dawned on me that the latter article recorded Samuel's payment for providing the irons (as in leg irons or handcuffs) to restrain the thief Ketchum.

Samuel and Eleanor had two more children, Samuel Quinn in 1951 and Alice in 1859.When Sameul passed away in 1862, two of their daughters, Almira and Alice, had already pas8ed in 1860. All three were buried in the Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City, Johnson Co., Iowa. Daughter Dursilla was married to Oliver J O'Keen in 1959. Little is known about the other sister Henrietta after the 1860 US Census.

Years after Sam's death, Samuel's widow Eleanor married Archibald Worley Blaine in 1874. Blaine had been born in Carlisle PA in 1814 and the Blaine family in Pennsylvania had intermarried with McCords however, no prior connection of the Blaine family of either Sam or Eleanor has been established.

Descendancy Chart for Samuel McCord

My Great Grandparents:
Samuel Quinn McCord and Hester Mary Hill

Samuel Quinn McCord and wife Hester Mary Hill
Samuel Quinn McCord and wife Hester Mary Hill
Most likely taken at their wedding May 23, 1874, in Atlantic Iowa

Samuel and Eleanor's son Samuel Quinn McCord was born in 1851 in Iowa, most likely in Johnson Co. He would have been about 11 when his father died in 1862. He was called Quinn in the 1860 US Census and in the 1870 Linn Co. Iowa US Census "Quinn" McCord was shown as a 17-year-old student at Western College established earlier in 1857 by the United Brethren in Christ.

He was listed as a person subject to military duty in Audubon Co. Iowa from the early 1870s until at least 1881. It was in Audubon Co. where he married Hester Mary Hill in May 1874. whose parents were John Frederick and Elizabeth May Hill.

Hester was from German stock. Her great grandfather Frederick Hill was a Hessian soldier who had been conscripted by the ruler back in Germany to fight for the British against the Americans in the Revolution. While he was stationed in Canada, along with some friends they deserted the British by crossing over the frozen Saint Lawrence River on the ice during the winter to join the American cause.

Samuel Q and Hester McCord had eight children, five sons and three daughters.

Charles Leonidas McCord

Charles Leonidas McCord 1877-1941


Grace Lula McCord Hendrickson

Grace Lula McCord Hendrickson 1879-1960 (Need better photo)

Clarence McCord 1881-1931 (photo needed)

Kenneth McCord 1884-1887 (Photo needed)

Mabel Maud McCord cir 1900

Mabel Maud McCord Wood 1885-1968, my grandmother

Floyd McCord at Penticton BC

Floyd McCord 1887-1982

Verna May McCord Fowler cir 1913

Verna May McCord Fowler cir 1913 1890-1936

Harley McCord in Atlantic Iowa_

Harley Ray McCord 1892-1957

According to family legend Samuel deserted his family around 1895. An alcoholic, he went to town to sell a wagon load of grain and was never heard from again. The wagon was found abandoned and empty. Unsubstantiated rumors were that he might have moved to another town in Iowa but no one knows for sure. Research has been unsuccessful in locating him but some have mistakenly described his death and burial.

While several of the children would have been old enough to help out, Hester still must have had a rough time raising seven kids, all teenagers or younger. However, she did have friends and family to support her as the Hill and McCord families remained close. About six years after her husband's disappearance, and after suffering for several years from cancer, Hester passed away in 1901 at the age of forty-five. Her obituary in the Audubon County Journal, May 23, 1901, stated: "many friends and relatives had gathered to pay their last regards to the departed one, after which the remains were laid to rest in a grave at the Exira Cemetery in Audubon Co. Iowa. She had been a faithful member of the Christian church for several years and died in the faith of Christ, which is the hope of the world. "

Hester's daughter, my grandmother Mabel was 15 years old when her mother died in Exira Iowa. By 1904 Mabel had moved to Sioux City Iowa where she worked as a domestic. She did make several visits to Eixira to see her Hill Grandparents in 1905 and 1907 and a sibling or two 

My grandfather, Walter G Wood had also moved to Sioux City from Kentucky about the same time was farming a parcel of land on the bank of the Perry Creek about a half mile upstream from the Missouri River. It is not known how they met, but I suspect they were introduced by her cousin who was in the Berean Bible Society with Walter. They were married in January 1909. My father Clifford, and their only child, was born a little over a year later there in March 1910.

Fortunately, I have been able to make contact with many of the McCord family's descendants. Those I am aware of are found in South Dakota, Kansas, British Columbia, Oregon, Nevada and the Los Angeles area and at least one other licated in Florida besides me.

Thanks to some of my McCord and Hill family cousins, I have been able to obtain many photos of this family. You can see these at My McCord & Hill Family Photos under Family Photos on the main menu. Because they have been provided by others, you may find some that are not identified or might be mis-identified. If you see any of these, please let me know about them so I can update their information. Also, additional photos of this family would be greatly appreciated. My contact information can be found at the bottom of each page.

McCord Family Groups

Years ago, Clan McCord organized all the then known McCord families in America into groups based on their oldest known commmon McCord ancestor. Samuel and Eleanor McCord's descendants are known as family "MM" in the records of Clan McCord. In many cases it was not known how each of these diverse McCords are related. The "family groups" are a convenient, although a confusing, way to identify the McCord but DNA is now helping to link some of these groups together. See the McCord Surname - DNA Genealogy Facebook page for more on McCord DNA.

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