9. Dowling Family Assoc. Officers 1946

Moye C. Dowling Sr., President - St. Petersburg, Florida
John C. Dowling Sr., First Vice President - Brunson, S. C.
D. B. Dowling Sr., Second Vice President - Augusta, Georgia
R. R. Speaks, Third Vice President - Fairfax. S. C.
Maud Zeigler, Recording Secretary - Fairfax, S. C.
Marie Dowling Bailey, Secretary - Allendale, S. C.

John C. Dowling Jr., President - Brunson, South Carolina
Helen Mixon Farrell, Secretary - Ehrhardt, South Carolina

W. B. Dowling - St. Petersburg, Florida
Clarence Dowling - Varnville, South Carolina
G. G. Tuten - Furman. South Carolina

Mrs. Laura D. Nettles - Waycross, Georgia
Mrs. Jamesina D. Weems - Columbia, South Carolina
Wideman Dim Loach - Savannah, Georgia
Miss Naemi Tuten - Furman, South Carolina

Mrs. Louise Parnell Gooding - Hampton, South Carolina
Mrs. Nonnie D. Mixson - Allendale, South Carolina
H. E. Gooding - Hampton, South Carolina
J. V. Youman - Hampton, South Carolina
Sonnie Parnell - Hampton, South Carolina

Eugene M. Peeples - Hampton, South Carolina
R. R. Speaks - Fairfax, South Carolina
D. B. Dowling Sr. - Augusta, Georgia
De Lores Gooding - Estill, South Carolina
A. L. Dowling - Washington, D. C.

(Copies of this booklet may be obtained - so long as the supply lasts - from Mrs. Maud Dowling Turner, c/o James Hamilton Turner, Executive Offices, San Antonio Transit Company, Transit Tower, San Antonio, Texas, or from Dr. Wm. Homer Heyward Turner, Attorney-at-Law, who resides in Hartsdale, New York. Dr. Turner, youngest son of Maud Dowling Turner, is custodian of the historical documents upon which family records herein described are based.)

[Note: This offer was intended for the 1946 time period in which it was written and is no longer available in printed form.]

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