My Manning Family

My 4th great grandfather John Wood Sr's family from Pennsylvania lived near the and five of John's children married Mannings. These families founded the Manning Station (or Wood-Manning Station) in Clermont Co. Ohio around 1800 to trade and provide protection from Indian attacks. It was reported that Daniel Boone was a visitor at the station.These families eventually spread westward to Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and other states. It seems that even at least one of the later generations of Woods, my great uncle Carl. even married a Manning.

The article elow is from the "[History of] Clermont County, Ohio 1980"- page 190-191:

MANNING FAMILY: Submitted by: Dorothy Walters

Manning--a surname found in Clermont County from 1795 to the present day. During that time span, at least four unrelated Manning family lines have resided within its boundaries. The earliest group was that of Nathaniel Manning, Sr. and his wife, Jane. Numerous references have been made in earlier published records to some of the members of this family and an extensive family genealogy is being compiled for publication.

Their known residence before coming to Clermont County was that part of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania now known as Snyder County.

Prior to their proven residence there in 1785, it is believed they were natives of New Jersey and had resided in Sussex County. Their connection to the Jeffrey Manning family has not, as yet, been firmly established.

Another Manning family is that of Thomas Manning, Revolutionary soldier who is buried in Clermont County. Thomas was born 15 June 1764, Stafford, Ct., and died 22 Dee. 1853, Ohio Twp., Clermont Co, Ohio, the son of Phineas Manning whose lineage and descendants are recorded in the Manning genealogy by Wm. H. Manning.

The third Manning family is that of Daniel Manning (b. 1775/6 N.J., d. 1849 Cincinnati, Ohio), through his sons, John and Francis C. Manning, who took up residence in the area prior to 1840. They are descendants of Jeffrey and Hepzibah (Andrews) Manning of Piscataway, N.J. and are related to the Samuel Manning line in Warren Co., Ohio.

The fourth Manning family is that of Elisha Manning, b. ca. 1775 Norwich, Ct., son of William Manning, Revolutionary soldier who settled first in Tioga Twp., Lycoming Co., Pa. and by 1809 comes to Franklin co., Ohio. Elisha enlisted in the army there in 1815 and served five years, most of this time at Newport, Ky. By 1830, Elisha and his wife, Lucy, had moved to Neville, Washington Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio. Although Elisha and his wife move on to Bracken Co, Ky, at least two of their children, Hiram and John, come back to Clermont County. Descendants of the latter reside near Moscow, Ohio. Unfortunately, the previously published accounts of Clermont County Mannings sometimes confused this line with that of Elisha, son of Nathaniel and Jane mentioned in the beginning.

There are brief appearances of other Manning-Mannon families whose connections have not been clearly established. One family had its origin in Va. and Ky. and do not arrive until much later. Another family is believed to be part of the Mannon family of Adams, Brown and Highland Counties due to the consistent spelling of the name of Mannon.

MANNING: My family members were: Dorothy (Magill) Walters, b. 1912; Robert Dale Magill, b. 1888, d. 1918; Dora Helms, b. 1891, d. 1976; John W. Magill, b. 1848, d. 1926; Eliza Jane (Jenny) Manning, b. 1857, d. 1936; Absalom M. Manning, b. 1825, Clermont, Ohio, d. 1893, Mo.; Sarah Coffman, b. 1822, Clermont Co., d. 1903.

The following is copies from handwriting on the front page of the family Bible belonging to my great grandfather, Absalom M. Manning, which shows he was a native of Clermont Co.: "A.M. and Sarah (Coffman) Manning were born and raised in Clermont County, Ohio and migrated from there to Owen Co, Indiana, in the fall of 1856, and from there to Sullivan Co, Missouri, April 15, 1872; from there to Shelby Co, Missouri, March 1, 1888. A.M. Manning died in Shelbina, Mo., Feb. 22, 1893."

These Mannings moved around a bit more also for Absalom and Sarah Manning are in the 1850 Brown Co. census and I have Absalom's Master Masons Diploma dated 10 Sept. 1855, Felicity, Ohio.

The above Sarah Coffman was the daughter of John and Susan Coffman. the following information on them is from "Monument Inscriptions prior to 1900 from cemeteries of Clermont co, Ohio:" Wells Cemetery, 1 mile east of Mt. Olive Tate Twp.; John Coffman, b. 12 May 1782, d. 17 Oct 1874; Susan Coffman, b. 1 Apr 1799, d. 14 Apr. 1871. This John and Susan Coffman were great, great grandparents of mine.

Another interesting fact is information on a loose paper found in my Manning Bible. It tells of family data on Elisha Manning, a name appearing in the early history of Clermont Co., as well as those of his sons.

Elisha Manning was born Jan. 8, 1766. Jane Manning, wife of Elisha Manning, was born Jan. 14, 1772. Elizabeth Manning was born Feb 2, 1793. Joshua Manning was born June 8, 1795. Absalom Manning was born May 26, 1797. Jane Manning was born June 16, 1799. Mary Manning was born June 6, 1801. John Manning was born July 20, 1804. Rachel Manning, wife of Elisha Manning was born July 27, 1775. Ann Manning was born April 27, 1810. Rebecca Manning was born March 21, 1812. Elisha T. Manning was born June 3, 1815. Sarah Manning was born Sept. 20, 1817. Jemima Manning was born Feb. 9, 1820.

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