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How to Search this Site

As addressed on the Site Organization page, there are multiple sources of information on this site. This requires using different search tools to find what you want.

Google Search

To search this entire site including all web pages use the Google Search bar at the top of this page. For help and tips using the Google Search Bar see Google Inside Search.

Search My Database

If you need to find specific names and need to filter your results better within my TMG data - that is the names contained on the person pages - use the Search Form below. It allows you to narrow your search specific names, surnames, dates, places, etc, Instructions for using this search form click on the Help Icon (?) on that form. Note that the Search form below relies on Javascript so if you have Javascript disabled it will not appear.

You can also use the Surnames, Master Index and Places pages to find persons in my TMG database.

The Dowling Family of the South book and Clermont Co. Family Group Sheets are both in searchable PDF format and contains hundreds of persons not included in my TMG data. Unfortunately, a Google search may return incomplete results from these two publications. If you have reason to think that your ancestor(s) would be listed in these publication I strongly recommend you download them in order to perform a complete search.


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