My Dowling Family Photos

These are photos I have collected for my family members which includes the surnames Dowling, and others. You can click on these photos to see a larger version. When there is a person's name highlighted below the photo you can click that name to see their details. Note that in an effort to provide a quality photo, most have been edited, cropped, enhanced and some have colorized using the My Heritage Photo Editor, Acrobat Photo Express or other software.

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Many of these photos were given to me by others. In some cases, I am not confident of the identity of some of the people in them. If you see someone who is not identified, or If you have information or corrections, please let me know. Any new photos would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to share these photos but in order to help others find them, please honor the Creative Commons license (found at the bottom of the page) by giving this website credit for them when you use them. My contact information can also be found at the bottom of each page.

Abert Lewis Dowling cir 1912
In back Chris Mixson, James W and mother Ruth Dowling, Joab Dowling, Richard Miaon in front Mary Lou Dowling and Chris and Dicks sons
Cousins James D (Beau) & cousin Mary L Dowling 2005
Benjamin James Dowling 1971-2020
Benjamin Wyman Dowling 1878-1934
Some of Herb & Ruth Dowling's Kids and grandkids 2020
Cecil Dowling Highway Patrol portrait
Cecil Dowling age 20 in Charleston SC
Cecil, Oliver, Wilson, Henry, Julian, Essie and Jack Dowling
Saidee Dowling Wood and mother Ethel McDaniel (in hat) with Edward, Chris and Richard Mixon in Allendale SC
Clara Louisa Ruth Dowling wife of Wm. Hamilton Dowling
Clifford and Saidee Dowling Wood with her mother Ethel L McDaniel Dowling in St. Petersburg Florida
Corporal Wilson T Dowling Sr
Children of Decanie D and Mary Margaret Thames Dowling cir 1948
Dowling Reunion in front of Dowling Realty on Central Ave, St Pete FL
Dowling Reunion St Pete FL cir 1968
A. L Dowling family residence at 533 5th Ave. N, St Petersburg, FL cir. 1925-1927 (2014 photo)
1920 A. L Dowling family residence at 811 E Ward St. Douglas, GA (photo 2014)
Albert Lewis Dowling circa 1947
Anthony Phillip Dowling circa 2014
Brenda Gay Gravely Dowling 1961-2018
My Maternal Grandparents Ethel McDaniel Dowling and husband Albert Lewis Dowling St Petersburg FL 1944
Robert W Dowling with son Mike
My mother Saidee E. Dowling Wood from her Stetson Univ. yearbook in 1932
Susan Morris Dowling Poole
Thomas Dowling
The annual Dowling Family Reunion at the Hopewell Baptist Church in Hampton South Carolina in 1935.
The annual Dowling Family Reunion at the Hopewell Baptist Church in Hampton South Carolina in 1953.
Dowling Reunion in St Petersburg FL Spring 1954
Dowling Reunion in St Petersburg FL Spring 1954
My Maternal Grandparents Ethel McDaniel Dowling and husband Albert Lewis Dowling holding me (Walter Dowling Wood) in St Petersburg FL 1944
Duncan Buist Dowling II born 1911 and killed in action furing World War 2 in 1944
Families of Herbert and Saidee Dowling (Wood) Easter 1961 in St. Petersburg, FL
Edith Bannister Dowling wife of G Geddes Dowling Jr 1915-2004
Ethel Louise McDaniel with mother Eliza Evans McDaniel
Ethel McDaneil Dowling Christmas 1967 in Bethesda MD
Ethel McDanile Dowling with daughter Saidee D Wood and grandson Walter D Wood cir 1945_
Ethel, Saidee and AL Dowling cir 1912
Family of Edward H and wife Hattie Dowling Fluker sitting with children Edw Jr , Carolyn (Carol) Smithand David T Sr.
Franklin White Thames 1831-1873
Heber Nettles II born 1921 killed in action in World War 2 in 1944
Henry G Sr, wife Anne L Smith with children Mary Louise and Henry G (Hank) Dowling cir 1950
Henry Googe Dowling Sr 1914-2004 taken in 1948
Henry Googe Hank Dowling 1944-2022
Herb and son Bob Dowling at home on Treasure Island early 1950s
Herbert and mother Ethel Dowling Nov 1964 Treasure Island FL
Herbert Lewis Dowling in Washington DC cir 1940s
James Dexter (Beau) Dowling II on Nov 2005 at Herbert Dowling's Funeral at Treasure Island FL
Cousins George and wife Edna Tuten James in St Petersburg FL
James D Dowling Sr James D (Beau) Dowling II Mary C Dowling Melissa Dowling Anthony P Dowling Linda A Dowling
James Dexter Dowling and family cir. 1966
James Theophilus Dowling 1814-1882 father of Decanie D Dowling
John Jefferson Nix II born 1919 mising in action in World War 2 in 1943
Mary Ann Long Dowling wife of James Theophilus Dowling and mother of Decanie D Dowling
Mary Anne Clifton Thames 1837-1921 mother of Mary Margaret Thames who was wife of Decanie Dexter Dowling
Mike and father Robert Dowling with cousin Walter D Wood Oct 2021
Regina, and Maude Dowling, Mack Mixson, Ethel , Lilly, and Lois Dowling cir 1938 in St Pete FL
Rev. Wm. Hamilton "Ham" Dowling's family. Sons (left ot right) Hamilton, Buist, Geddes, Joel, Harry; Daughters (left ot right) Adeline (Addie), Maude, Louise. Front: Ham and wife Clara Ruth Dowling
Ruth, Ethel, A L, Herbert, Saidee Dowling and Edna and George James London Hall Apts, Wash, DC cir 1940_enhanced
My mother, Saidee Dowling Cir 1935 age 25
Saidee Dowling Wood with Walter Wood and her parents Ethel McDaniel and Albert Lewis Dowling cir 1947
Sitting Cameron Lily, Wilbur, Lois with Cameron Jrs daughter, Saidee, in back Nonie, Cameron Jr, Walter Wood, Mae TUten cir 1954
Walter D Wood, Ruth Flood Dowling holding daughter Mary Lou , Clifford and Saidee D Wood and Ethel McDaniel Dowling in Treasure Island FL 1960
Cousins Walter D Wood & Edward T Zeigler May 5 2001
Walter D Wood age 3 at beach cir 1948
Walter D Wood with parents Cliff and Saidee and grandparents Walter D and Mabel Wood 1945-6 at the AL Dowling house in St Petersburg FL
William Hamilton :Ham" Dowling from Baptist Biographies
Clifford R. Wood and new wife Saidee E. Dowling Wood on their honeymoon in Dec. 1940.
Ethel McDaniel and husband Albert Lewis Dowling cir 1918