1. Dowlings Who Served

Maud Dowling Turner authored a booklet titled to Dowlings Who Served in America's Wars in 1946 for the dedication of a plaque honoring those in the Dowling Family who served in America's wars – from the Revolutionary War through World War II. It was presented at the Dowling Family Reunion in Hampton South Carolina that year. This booklet contains a great deal of history for the Dowling family. Since it is no longer in print, I have prepared this copy to assist others in the search for their family's history.

The Dowlings that were honored on the plaque and in this publication are members of the Robert Dowling R.S. family; chiefly Robert's descendants by his son James, and James' son John Jabez Dowling. The information was obtained through a questionaire sent to known Dowling families that were filled out and returned by family members..

These contents were scanned and then prepared using optical character recognition on a copy of the original. Due to the differing styles and formatting of the original, the OCR software had difficulty with many words. While I have attempted to proofread it carefully, if you find any apparent typographical errors or have questions, please contact me and I will check them against the original.

I have attempted to retain the original wording and punctuation as closely as possible. However, I have resized and relocated the photographs to place them beside the story of the person in the photograph. I also changed the original two-column layout in order to format it for the Web. The few changes or additions I have made to the text are contained within brackets [ ]. Note however that the original author used parentheses () to denote her notes or comments. I have also shown her notes in a slightly smaller font.

The asterisk (*) in front of a name indicates that person was killed in action.

Due to its length, the text is spread over a number of web pages. At the bottom of each page is a link to the next page.

The last page contains some history of the Dowling family. This page was included in the copy I received however, it does not appear to fit with the rest of the document so I am not sure if it belongs with it or not. I have no idea what "Dovle" means at the bottom of this page.

When reading this please keep in mind that that was originally published in 1946.

I sincerely hope this help you with your search for you family history.

Walter Dowling Wood

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